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What is water fed pole window cleaning? 

Water fed pole cleaning, Water fed pole window cleaning uses telescopic poles, equipped with brushes and water jets. These water feeder poles allow upper windows to be readily accessed from ground level, negating the need to work at height. Ladders are obsolete with these systems that are designed to safely access hard to reach areas and heights while providing a consistent clean. Three and four storey buildings are handled with ease as these pole systems can allow work up to 60 feet (20m) high from ground level. 

Special deionised water is piped through to the pole, and the fed water is used to clean the window for a smear and streak free clean without wiping.

How does water fed pole cleaning work?

The water fed pole systems are modular, allowing assembly for the necessary height from robust carbon fibre components. The brush at the upper end of the pole is used to agitate and lift dirt off the glass while the water loosens dirt and debris and provides a pure water rinse-allowing the panes to dry clear.

The water used is critical to the effectiveness of water fed pole window cleaning. Purified water is stored in tanks or filtered from the tap. No detergent is needed. Particulates and dissolved solids are removed by filtration alongside deionisation to ensure no residues or spotting is left on the glass.

Advantages of water fed pole window cleaning

Water Fed Pole Cleaning
Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Avoids working at height 

No ladders or scaffolding needed, water fed poles provide excellent access for window cleaning where a contractor would be working at height or using a scaffold for access. 

This mitigates risk and means window cleaners no longer need ladders or the awkward balance of handling tools while balancing. The telescopic pole and brush can be assembled and raised vertically to the required height.

Safe Stringent Work at Height [2005] 

Regulations direct that work such as window cleaning should be undertaken from ground level as much as possible. 

The Health and Safety Executive recommend water fed pole window cleaning as a method of choice for safe working and are keen to see wide adoption of this technique by window cleaners to reduce deaths and injuries. 

No detergent needed 

This remarkable water fed pole system only uses simple filtered water which has been deionised and has had all particulates removed. Windows are washed with water alone. Unlike all other types of contract cleaning, there is no need for complex detergent formulas or regimen. 

Eco Friendly 

Both window cleaners and customers are recognising the environmental benefits of this water-based cleaning technique that is entirely soap free. 

Harmful detergents are not being washed away into the environment. There is minimal water wastage as water for each job is usually prepared and stored in a tank.


If you are undertaking a domestic or commercial window cleaning job, one can feel awkward if you are cleaning a window where someone is inside. Water fed pole window cleaning alleviate both client and cleaner of any potential embarrassment as only the brush sees all. 

Versatile systems 

A variety of water fed pole systems are available for window cleaning contractors of any size and calibre. 

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